Adventurer of the Month


Jettie, a two year old lab cross bounced into our group over a year ago and has not stopped bouncing since.  Greg can only dream to have as much energy as she does first thing in the morning!  A joy to have in group she welcomes all new large breed puppies to daycare and loves every minute of it.
Welcome to Canine Adventure!
Since 2008, Canine Adventure, LLC has been providing quality dog daycare for large and small breeds. With over 25 years combined animal experience we know what dogs really want. They want to have fun socializing in a safe, caring, and enriching environment.
Dog daycare at Canine Adventure, LLC provides your pup with the additional mental stimulation and excercise they need which a lonely day at home does not. Proper excercise and stimulation curb unwanted behaviors at home. At Canine Adventure, dogs spend the day interacting off-leash in a safe environment with other pups of similar size and caring people. When you pick your pup up in the evening, they will be ready to relax with you at home after a day of fun.